Support Our Schools

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The Portland Public Schools welcomes volunteers and community involvement in our schools.

A part-time community coordinator works in each of Portland’s schools.  The community coordinators develop and coordinate opportunities for meaningful family, business and/or community involvement with our students and staff.  People interested in volunteering should fill out the Volunteer Application and Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement that appear on this page and submit them to the community coordinator at their local school.

Parent groups support many of our schools.  Each group works to meet the needs of its school, and often engages in local fundraising to support student programming.  Parent groups also provide volunteers and in-kind donations.   For more information, please contact the school principal.

Business and community partners are critical to achieving the Portland Public Schools’ mission.  These partners contribute time, money, expertise and resources to our schools to enhance student achievement.  Portland schools currently partner with more than 100 area businesses and nonprofit organizations.   To find out how your business or organization can get involved, please contact the community coordinators or dibiajatportlandschools [dot] org (Janet Dibiase).