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Instructional Technology


Human Resources


My Portland Schools (Password Reset)


Department Page


Help Desk


Paycheck Memo


Infinite Campus


Employee Access Center


Internet Safety Resources


Employee Time Sheets


Google Apps



Staff Email


Certification Information


Email Spam Filter Login


PEA Contract 09/2011


eBackpack Login (Account Name: portland)

 Professional Learning Based Salary System

eBackpack Site Status


 Mentoring and Internships Information


Online Classrooms (Moodle)


Portland Public School Policies


My Files


 Maine Department of Education


Scholastic Central (SAM)


Maine DOE Contacts


Portland Schools Blogs


Maine DOE Certification


Maine DOE News


Web Filter Login


Portland Public Schools Communications Request Form*


Math Resources Blog

         *We are no longer using the web form for communicaitions requests.  Please

Classroom Resouces Blog

          forward all communications requests directly to Tess Nacelewicz.

NWEA Resources


NWEA Portal (MARC)


CPAA Resources


PPS Libraries


Portland Education Foundation


Report Resources

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