Hall Elementary School


Hall Elementary School

23 Orono Road

Portland, ME 04102

About Our School:

Welcome To Fred P. Hall Elementary School


Important Events:

Oct. 20 (Mon.) PTO Meeting – Hall School Library, 6:30-7:30PM
Oct. 21 (Tues.) School Flu Clinic and
                    School Board Meeting (7:00PM, Hall School Gym)
                     Workshops Immediately following Business Meeting
        a. Hall School Building Process- [W-28-13/14]
                    b. Many Rivers Work Plan [W-29-13/14]
Oct. 22 (Wed.) Early Release – Student Dismissal @ 2:05
Oct. 28-30 Vision and Hearing Screening for Grades K, 1, 3 and 5
Oct. 29 (Wed.) Early Release – Student Dismissal @ 2:05
Nov. 10 (Mon.) PTO Meeting – Hall School Library, 6:30-7:30PM
Nov. 13 & 14 Scholastic Book Fair
Nov. 14 (Fri.) Family Science Night (6:00-7:30)
Nov. 17 & 18 Parent Teacher Conferences; NOON DISMISSAL for all Hall School students
Nov. 26-28 No School 
Grant Supports Extended Learning for Portland Students

Principal's Message:

At Hall School our staff is fully committed to building and maintaining a safe and respectful school environment. Teachers have been hard at work, since the first day of school, establishing a culture of respect and rapport within their individual classroom communities.  They have also been sharing common school-wide expectations for the hallway, cafeteria and playground.  Daily “Morning Meetings” within each classroom help to establish a positive tone for the day and foster student engagement in the learning process. 

Last week, our staff added an additional component to our school-wide efforts to foster a safe and respectful school.  We began implementing a social and emotional curriculum (K-5) that targets skills for social and academic success.  This “Second Step” curriculum is a proactive approach to teaching desired social skills, such as: empathy, emotion management and problem solving within social contexts. 

Each lesson within the Second Step curriculum uses a social scenario that forms the basis for discussion, role-playing, and other activities. The same topics are covered within each grade level, but the content and activities are tailored to match the developmental stages of children at each grade level. Lessons build sequentially within each grade level and from one grade level to the next. The curriculum aims to reduce impulsive and aggressive behaviors and increase protective factors and social-emotional competence.

Second Step lessons are divided into the following four areas of focus: skills for learning, empathy, problem solving, and impulse control / anger management.  More information regarding the Second Step program can be obtained at http://www.secondstep.org. Families are encouraged to access the free resources on this site, using the applicable activation key, to better understand what specific skills and concepts are being taught within the school setting.

 As with any curriculum, we welcome family involvement and feedback.  More information about how our home-to-school partnership can be strengthened in this area will be forthcoming.


Cynthia Remick, Hall School Principal


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