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Hall Elementary School

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Portland, ME 04102

About Our School:

Welcome To Fred P. Hall Elementary School


Important Events:

Nov. 17 (Mon) EXTRA DAY Scholastic Book Fair– Library, 8:00AM-8:00PM
                           NOON DISMISSAL for students & Parent Teacher Conferences (12:30-8:00)
Nov. 18 (Tues.) NOON DISMISSAL for students & Parent Teacher Conferences (12:30-3:30)
Nov. 19 (Wed) Early Release – Student Dismissal @ 2:05
Nov. 24 (Mon) Full Student Day (8:55-3:05)
Nov. 25 (Tues.) Full Student Day (8:55-3:05)
                             PTO Fundraiser at Otto’s Pizza, Congress St.
Nov. 26-28 No School  ~ Happy Thanksgiving  
Dec. 5 (Fri.) Trimester 1 Ends
Dec. 11 (Thurs) Report Cards Go Home

Principal's Message:

On Monday nand Tuesday, parents and guardians will be invited to attend a school conference with your child and his/her teacher(s).  We strongly encourage all of our students to attend and participate in the conference.  Younger students can participate by sharing work that they have completed, while our older students are able to facilitate the conference from beginning to end.  Student-led conferencing:

  • allows students to remain the center of the conference;
  • allows students to practice real life skills: communication, organizations, leadership, and accountability;
  • allows students to reflect on and evaluate their own learning, as well as to establish new learning goals; and
  • opens up communication between school and home.

Parents have a key role in the student-led conference, helping to insure that the conference is a positive experience for your child.  The following sentence starters can be used to help keep the conference moving in a positive direction and provide extra support for your child:

  • What I noticed about your work is. . .
  • I am proud of you for. . .
  • I’m glad you are making an extra effort with. . .
  • I know you have difficulty sometimes, but. . .
  • How can I help you to. . .

As parents, you can expect to hear information about your child’s academic performance in all content areas, as well as your child’s social and behavioral development.  Conversations about more complex or challenging issues may be better delayed to another time.

If your child works with an ELL teacher, a special education teacher or a Chapter 104 teacher, please know that these individuals may also attend the conference.  Please remember to stop in and visit your child’s “specialist teachers” (art, music, PE, and Spanish) while you are in the building.

The fifth grade student and parent community will be hosting a “Bake Sale” during parent-teacher conferences.  Money raised during the bake sale will directly support the end-of-year 5th Grade “Farewell” activities.  Students raise money to pay for the publication of a yearbook to celebrate their collective years at Hall School.  They also raise money to support a bowling and pizza celebration during the last week of school.  Please look for the bake sale, located outside of the library, on Nov. 17th and 18th.  A bake sale table will also be set up at our Family Science Night (Nov. 14th) for the same purpose.


Cynthia Remick, Hall School Principal

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