East End Community School


East End Community School
195 North Street
Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 874-8228
Fax #: (207) 874-8234

Upcoming Events:

April 17th- Fifth Grade Celebration of Learning 6-7:30

April 21- April 25th- School Vacation Week

May 5th- Grade 1 visits Audubon (Coffin & Singer) 9:15-11:30

May 6th- Grade 2 visit Scarborough Marsh (Brown & McDonough) 9:15-11:30

May 9th- Grade 2 visits Scarborough Marsh (Floridino & Pelletier) 9:15-11:30

May 12th-May 16th- Grade 4 visits Wolfe's Neck Farm

May 12th- Grade 1 visits Audubon (Hewey & Salisbury) 9:15-11:30

May 13th- Kinderconcert (Brass) 9:30 show and 10:30 show

May 15th- Grade 5 visits Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH

May 16th - Lincoln MIddle School  step up day for fifth graders

May 20th- Audubon visits Kindergarten

May 22nd- Kindergarten visist Audubon (Rotolo & Gray) 9:15-11:00           

                  Grade 3 visits Maine Historical  Society (9:00-11:00) Mosher & Joyce

                  King MIddle School and Lyman Moore Middle School Step up day for fifth graders

May 23rd   Grade 3 visits Maine Historical Society (9:00-11:00) Valley & Griffin

May 26th- Memorial Day, no school

May 28th- Kinderconcert (percussion) 9:30 show and 10:30 show


Read Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk's column about the FY 2015 budget: http://blogs.portlandschools.org/superintendent/my-monthly-column/

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