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Finance Committee

School Board Approves FY 2015 Budget

The Portland Board of Public Education voted unanimously on April 10 to approve a $101,773,613 budget for the Portland Public Schools for Fiscal Year 2015.   The budget is $586,663 below Portland Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk’s proposed budget due to lower-than-expected health insurance costs.  Read more.

Superintendent Presents FY 2015 Budget

Portland Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk has proposed a budget for Fiscal Year 2015 with strategic investments to strengthen the Portland Public Schools’ core academic program, stimulate progress for all learners, drive innovation and improve infrastructure.  Read more.

District Invites Public to Participate in FY 2015 Budget Development

The Portland Public Schools has created an online Neighbor-to-Neighbor Budget Toolkit to encourage public participation in the development of the district’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget.  Read more.

Voters Approve FY 2014 Supplemental Budget

By a margin of 85 percent, voters approved a $1.9 million supplemental budget for the Portland Public Schools in a referendum on September 4, 2013.  The final vote tally was 1338 in favor and 243 against.  Read more.

Voters Approve FY 2014 Budget

Portland voters approved a $96,360,549 budget for the Portland Public Schools for FY 2014 in a referendum on May 14. The vote was 1,347 in favor and 914 opposed.   See a statement by Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk about the referendum results.  Voters also decided, by a margin of 1261 to 996, to continue voting on the school budget for the next three years.

FY 2014 Approved Budget

FY 2013 Approved Budget

FY 2012 Approved Budget