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PHS Key Club Recognized by School Board

The Portland Board of Public Education recognized members of the Portland High School Key Club at the January 15th board meeting.  The club has partnered with the Good Shepherd Food Bank to start a school food pantry that is the first of its kind in Maine.  Read more.

District Reaps Big Savings from CNG Buses

The Portland Public Schools will save thousands of dollars in fuel costs this year for the district’s school buses that run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) due to the reinstatement of a federal tax credit on alternative fuel.

The tax credit provides a 50-cent rebate per diesel gallon equivalent of CNG, and the rebate is retroactive through 2012.  The district purchases its fuel from Metro, which will split the rebate with the Portland Public Schools.  The district expects to receive a total rebate of approximately $14,000 in 2012 and 2013.

Task Force Will Review Elementary Schools’ Enrollment, Boundaries

The Portland Board of Public Education voted at its January 15th business meeting to create a task force to provide a consistent source of feedback on options for adjusting elementary school boundaries to address enrollment trends and proposed improvements to several of the elementary school buildings.

Board Seeks Community Members for Curriculum Committee

The Portland Public Schools is creating a Curriculum Advisory Committee to provide input and feedback about the district’s curriculum, assessments and instruction at all grade levels and how they align with the common core state standards.

The committee will focus on English language arts and mathematics during the current school year.  In future years, the committee will look at career and technical education, health and physical education, science, social studies, visual and performing arts and world languages and cultures.

College Grants Credit for PHS Greek and Latin Classes

Students who successfully complete upper-level Greek and Latin classes at Portland High School now are eligible to receive credit from Saint Joseph’s College in Standish. 

Students will be able to earn four college credits each semester for Greek 2 and Latin 3 and 4.  The cost is $100 per class.  The district will pay tuition for students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch based on family income.  Portland High students will be eligible to earn up to 16 college credits, at a total cost of $400.

OAES Students Compete in Geography Bee

Ocean Avenue Elementary School (OAES) recently held the school's annual National Geography Bee.

Portland City Councilor Ed Suslovic volunteered as the guest question pronouncer.  The bee lasted for more than an hour, with all 10 contestants still participating in round four.  

The winning question was: "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed in 1848, ended the United States war with what country?"  Heath Carignan gave the correct answer, Mexico, and won first place in the bee.  Heath will take a written test to compete in the state bee.  

Longfellow Receives $1,735 from University Credit Union

University Credit Union (UCU) has awarded $1,735 to Longfellow Elementary School.  The money will be used for technology, guided reading books, teacher instructional kits for the school’s Writer’s Workshop and a digital scan thermometer for the school nurse.

Each year, the Portland branch of UCU adopts a school in the Portland Public Schools and raises money for unmet needs.  UCU has adopted Longfellow for the 2012-2013 school year. 

Lyseth Staff Participates in Math Professional Development

On a recent Saturday, 35 Lyseth Elementary School staff members attended a workshop on mathematical thinking presented by Math Solutions at the University of Southern Maine. 

PHS Students Win Prizes in State Classics Writing Contest

Nate Smart, a senior at Portland High School, won Maine’s first prize in the Classical Association of New England’s writing contest.  His essay focusing on the death of Macro, once the palace confidant of Caligula, will compete in the New England competition as the Maine entry.

Kyle Reichert, also a Portland High senior, won third prize in the contest for his essay interweaving the divining of the Oracle of Delphi and Alexander the Great’s thoughts from his deathbed.

Students Win Honors in American Mathematics Contest

Three students from the Portland Public Schools won recognition for their achievement in the American Mathematics Contest 8 that took place in November 2012.  The competition is a 25-question examination in middle school mathematics.

Jacob Goldberg, an eighth grader at Lyman Moore Middle School, and James Hawkes, a fifth grader at Presumpscot Elementary School who takes math classes at Moore, both were named to the contest’s Honor Roll based on their high scores.