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Use This Neighbor-to-Neighbor Toolkit to Give Your Input on the Portland Public Schools Budget


Plan a time to gather with a group of friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members.  This could happen at a PTO meeting, over a meal or in your living room.  You also are welcome to review the materials on your own and provide your input.                      


Watch the four-minute video about the budgeting process and review the documents below.  They will provide a broad overview of the revenue sources that fund the Portland Public Schools budget and the major expenses.  Then, consider the four overarching goals for the district's FY2015 budget:

  • Strengthening the core academic program.
  • Stimulating progress for all learners.
  • Driving innovation.
  • Investing in infrastructure.

Appoint a discussion leader and a note-taker, then begin discussing the budget.  Be sure everyone has a chance to speak.  It's fine to focus on the areas that matter most to you.  Here are some possible questions to get you started:

  • What do you consider the most important parts of our core academic program?
  • How can we best stimulate progress for struggling learners, high-achievers and those in the middle?
  • What innovative programs in the district do you value most?  What new programs should be added?
  • What infrastructure improvements do you consider most important?
  • Given funding constraints, how can we reallocate resources to best meet the needs of our students?
  • If we have to cut the budget, where should we start?

Before the group leaves, take a few photos.

 fourEmail your notes, questions and, if you feel comfortable, a photo of the group to superintendent@portlandschools.org.  Please include the name of the host, but you do not need to name the other participants.  All notes will be shared with Superintendent Emmanuel Caulk and the Portland Board of Public Education as they prepare the Fiscal Year 2015 budget.  Photos may be posted on this website or the district's social media sites. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Portland Public Schools Budget

Time Line for Development of the FY 2015 Portland Public Schools Budget

Major Revenue Sources for the FY 2014 Portland Public Schools Budget

Major Expense Categories for the FY 2014 Portland Public Schools Budget

Portland Public Schools FY 2014 Budget  

revenue sources for FY 2014 Portland Public Schools budget  major expense categories for the FY2014 Portland Public Schools budget